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Skankishly Whore

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L0caTion-*5o8 Area
StaTz-*PimP*n It Wo0t wo0t! Hollaaa!

*if yOu LooK iNsiDe a GirL`s HeaRt yOu`D sEe HoW MuCh ShE ReaLLy criEZ y0u'll finD secrets hidden, Best friends, and Lies buT whaT y0u`LL See thE Most is hOw HarD it iS to sTay strOng wheN Nothing`s right anD EveRythinG is wrOng*

i`ve *alwaysz* knOwn that"
chanceSz aRe thinqSz yOu-
shOuld alwaysz take but wut
happensz when theresz nO `
happi endinq nd the chance"
yOu _tOok_-->> turnSz intO
a [ * m i S t A k e * ] « --

ReMeMbEr WhEn BoYz HaD ¤.cOoTiEs.¤ WhEn FrIeNdS aLwAyS «-lIsTeNeD-» 2 u.. wHeN ((dReAmS)) wErE uNsHaT*tErEd & [[wOrRiEs]] WeRe ::fEw:: WhEn ReCeSs WaS tOo |sHoRt| aNd LiFe WaS *2* «---LoNg---» wHeN DeCiSiOnS cAmE .:eAsIlY:. wItH ((nO NeEd)) 2 ¤..bElOnG..¤ wHeN :.:StOrKs:.: DeLiVeReD bAbIeS aNd *PaSsIoNs* WeReN't sOo o¤sTrOnG¤o wHeN [[fRiEnDsHiPs]] WeReNt bRo|KeN.. RiGhT wAs .RiGhT. & wRoNg wAs :WrOnG: WhEn (((BaD))) tHiNgS dIdN't HaPpEn OnLy _sKiNnEd KnEeS_ bRoUgHt ::TeArs:: aNd tHe «_NiGhT . LiGhT_» iN OuR rOoM ((.QuIeTeD.)) aLl oUr FeArs wHeN :.dEcIsi0ns.: wErE s0|VeD bY [eNi mEaNi . mini m0] wHeN «.»b0yS«.» wErE sOoO !yUcKy! & *gOoDbYe* MeAnT OnLy tIl ::ToMoRrOw:: WhEn Ur ClOtHeS DiDnT »..mAtCh..« & *r E a L* fRiEnDs DiDn'T p|A|r|T tHe ((..FuN..) wEnT oN *4eVeR* aNd NeVeR LeFt a _BrOkEn ... HeArt


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